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   "We would like to express our appreciation of your service. In the past, other venders have serviced us and we had nothing but headaches. We were continually changing our lamination rolls. When we switched to utilizing your company for coating our rollers, our headaches went away. Our downtime in our lamination processes also went to zero. Your quality is excellent, your service is exceptional and your response to our needs is immediate. Thank you very much."
Process Engineer, San Diego, CA


Fewer rejects! - Increased yields!

ABBA pushes the envelope once again with the introduction of the AccuTherm® roll. A drop-in solution specifically designed for the printed circuit board industry, this roll is so thermally efficient that with uniform nip force the recovery time between each panel is faster than conventional laminating rolls, scrap rate is lowered, and wrinkles are eliminated.

What does this mean for YOU?

It means that your reject count is down and your output is up hour after hour, day after day, month after month ...

What's the Secret?

The AccuTherm® roll is built with a special engineered core and recovers heat loss after the panel exits much quicker than a standard laminator roll. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the core to insure there are no "hot" or "cold" spots because the thermal conductivity of this core is at least six times that of a standard laminating roll.

Even heat distribution

This ensures a uniform flow of heat to the panel, eliminating wrinkling, inconsistent lamination and other heat related problems. The result is a dramatic drop in rejects. PCB manufactures concerned about lowering their scrap rate can resolve it by using AccuTherm®.

AccuTherm reduces panel spacing
The arrow shows another place where dollars can be recovered - in the speed at which panels are laminated. The AccuTherm® roll recovers the heat lost during the lamination process so quickly and efficiently to allow faster line speed. Up to 12% more panels per hour can be produced per machine. This translates to an immediate benefit in real dollars and a short-term ROI.

The advantages of AccuTherm® are

  1. Faster recovery time
  2. Elimination of panel wrinkles
  3. Fewer rejects
  4. Increased yield
  5. Uniform temperature throughout the nip
  6. ABBA's superior elastomeric roll covers last longer with higher release than competitors' rolls
  7. Replaces your current roll without machine modification
  8. The absolutely "no excuse" ABBA guarantee

For test results, detailed specifications and more information contact your ABBA representative or email us.

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