"I would be happy to relate that when we were having problems with our press roller last year, we were able to obtain a surface from you which was far superior to the surfaces that were provided by your competitors. As you know, we had a unique application that required protection from cracking or peeling at temperatures around 250 degrees C. Our experience with your competitors was of indifference to the solution with an extreme desire to continue to resurface the roller at my expense. When we came to you with the problem, we found that you were willing to experiment to discover what surface was necessary for the particular application. Once that was taken care of, we have found that the rollers have lasted beyond our expectations, which has obviously resulted in reduced operating costs for our machine. "
Plant Manager, Pomona, CA

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ABBA Roller LLC.
telephone: 909-947-1244
fax: 909-947-6997

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