"... You have been recoating our laminator rolls for many years. Your quality, lead time and customer service is one of the best in the industry. These are the reasons we send our rolls all the way to Southern California.
... Imaging Process Engineer, Puerto Rico" - April, 2000
       (All originals of the testimonials on this website are on file at ABBA)

ABBA Roller occupies a unique position in the rubber roller industry: the ability to recover and fabricate rolls with the highest precision available. Why? What makes ABBA so unique? What would working with ABBA mean to you?

We include pages about:

How ABBA can save you $$ and time!

AccuTherm®, a superb PCB roll guaranteed to cut your rejects and improve yields

A virtual tour of our plant and processes showing how we do what we do

A view of our laser inspection unit, the only one of its kind in the universe (we can prove our claims)

An online proposal page where you can input your specs and we'll output a proposal for you

Other things like what makes rubber so special and an absurd list of stuff you have all around you containing rubber and more...

ABBA is a very special company. Use the links at the left and below to find out why.

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 virtual tour - magic of rubber - ridiculously long list - 2 min questionnaire

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