"... I just wanted to take this time to thank ABBA Roller for the fine service and workmanship that I have experienced from our dealings with you over the past six or seven years. I have had your company re-cover my Hot Lamination rolls for several years as ..., and am now continuing to do so as ... Printed Circuit Group. I look forward to a continued relationship with your company in the future. "
Parts Department Mgr., Dallas, OR

Non-contact Laser Roll Mapping System

It's easy to claim superiority, but few can prove it.
For high-precision customers who need to know the profile of their rolls ABBA has the answer, a custom-built fully-automated inspection device using advanced laser technology.

ABBA's laser inspection unit
As the roll is slowly rotated on precision bearings or centers, the lasers sweep from end to end precisely measuring the surface of the roll 3-dimensionally.
Screenshot of laser inspection in process
A report is then generated which literally maps the surface as measured. These reports will soon be available to customers from a secure location on this website.

Technical Details
  • Rolls up to 22" in diameter and 159" long
  • Accurate to within .00005"
  • Unparalled inspection of TIR, circularity, cylindricity and profile
  • Crown shape analysis of cosine, parabolic, circular and empirical crowns
  • Exhaustive surface mapping of roll profile and all pertinent dimensions including bearing  journal and seal dimensions
  • Non-contact laser measurement system verifies dimensions without operator influence
  • Accuracy is 10 times greater than roll production can achieve

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