" Please accept my appreciation for a "job well done" on the work you have performed for us over the past 10 or more years. This includes a wide variety of large rubber covered rolls for wide web handling down to the small nip rolls for cartridge loading. " (... continued)
Engineering Specialist, Camarillo, CA


Grinding to tolerance

All rollers are ground between centers and indicated off the bearing surface to ensure a consistent T.I.R. of .002. Capabilities of .0003 are attainable but grinding procedures will differ. (Rolls can also be ground in bearing housings upon request.) Diameters are held to ± .002 and are checked with micrometers. Tighter diameter tolerances are available if necessary.


CNC Grinders

Ultra-precision CNC grinder

Two high-precision state-of-the-art CNC grinders are used when more critical tolerances are required. These machines can be programed allowing sophisticated and difficult profiles such as parabolic crowns and step cuts to be reproduced indefinitely with incredible precision.


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