"... would like to thank ABBA Roller LLC, Inc. for their quality timely services and support that we have received over the last year and a half. Whenever there has been a demand for a rubber roller to be recovered as soon as possible ABBA has completed the task. On one occasion ABBA constructed a roller core and covered it in less than two weeks allowing us to continue production with minimum down time. We have used numerous rubber covers in the past without much success. ABBA recovers all of our rubber rolls... "
Vice President of Production, Project Engineer, Maintenance Controller, Geln Rock, PA

The ABBA Roller Custom Solution Generator

ABBA's Custom Solution Generator allows you to define special needs for your rubber rollers: temperature considerations, corrosive environments, surface requirements, and so on. Based on your input, the Custom Solution Generator will suggest the basic compounds from among ABBA's more than 2000 custom compounds that most closely match your needs. Go ahead and try it!


Note: This program is for demonstration purposes only. In-depth investigation of specific conditions by a professional is necessary to define the actual formula to be used in compounding the proper material for your roller.


The Solution Generator is offline awaiting an upgrade.

Please check back later!


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