" Approximately eighteen months ago, ... informed ABBA that we would be gradually reducing final inspection of finished rollers. Initially, we went from inspecting every order to every other roller and more recently to every third order. These reductions have proven to be very successful and therefore ... will as planned reduce incoming inspections to every sixth order. The strength of our partnership and ABBA's proven ability to provide a quality product are key to the success of this plan. "
Quality Manager, Franklin, WI


High-powered autoclaves

Rollers are placed in computer controlled autoclaves at temperatures ranging from 250 - 350 degrees F. for a period of 2 - 8 hours. The autoclave liquifies the rubber compound and cures the material to the proper durometer.


Tool Down

Lathes are used before grinding

While the rubber is being vulcanized it turns into a liquid form at one point often creating a curved effect, requiring roller tool down for grinding purposes. All outside diameters are built slightly larger than the final specification.


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