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You have completed our virtual tour of the ABBA Roller International plant. Once the precision rubber roller leaves our facility professional sales and customer service personnel finalize the equation by consistent, unparalleled customer follow-up and attention to detail. Share our passion as a valued vendor/partner by contacting one of our account representatives at

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   " It is not my policy to write to suppliers on a job they get paid to do. If a vendor wants the 'sale' they will perform at the highest quality level with the best product they can provide. The reality of today's world goes far beyond that. Our customer's needs demand perfection, the best materials, craftsmanship, and pricing. Each product we use has a standard that we have set for it. Not a minimum requirement, but what it must be or we will not use it. We will provide the best product available for our customers. After a few trials, a couple of years, we have worked out the details and you have met those high standards with professionalism. Thank you for a job well done. As our customer's demands increase, we will look forward to meeting the challenge."
Maintenance General Forman, Seattle, WA

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