" I would like to take a moment to inform you of a company we are currently doing business with, ABBA Roller LLC. The staff at ABBA has been successfully recovering Sanki rollers and meeting our staff quality requirements for the past six years. In fact, I believe they have improved the quality of the matched forms we recently purchased at Sanki U.S.A. If you find you have a need in this area, this company may be a good choice. "
Production Manager, Wichita, KS

ABBA Roller LLC enjoys a reputation as the world leader in precision rubber roller fabricating, re-covering, grinding, and the manufacture of precision molded parts. For over 40 years companies in the US and around the world have looked to ABBA for these reasons:

Superior delivery time on precision fabrication and recovers of your rubber rolls. Normal turnaround time is 7-10 business days. (A 24-72 hour "ABBA EXPRESS" emergency program is available. How fast do you need it?)

Special Applications - specializing in challenging applications such as laminator rolls, spreader rolls, coating rolls, feed rolls, knurl rolls, squeegee rolls, metering/ductor rolls, nip rolls, dual durometer rolls, etc. Complete fabrication and rubber sleeves (including composite sleeves) are also available. Go ahead, challenge us !!

OVER 40 years of experience working in diverse industries with "high end" requirements, tight tolerances (± 0.0002" OD and T.I.R. & cylindricity capabilities to 0.0003") and high-grade elastomers for maximum longevity and durability. Our capabilities include grooves, micro-grooves, crowns, and polish to fine or rough finishes (5 to 400 Ra) featuring "mirror finish" and "jagged edge".

Our In-House Degreed Chemist and Laboratory give us unsurpassed flexibility and quality assurance, and allow us to offer Custom Rubber Formulation Development. We can produce a compound specifically designed to meet your needs.

Statistical Inventory Reports (assisting in ISO 9000 and SPC compliance).

Complete Guarantee against manufacturing defects, and guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Rigorous inspection procedures ensure that only superior quality products make it through the doors at ABBA Roller LLC. Only the best is delivered to your door.

Products include all metals and rubber compounds. See our technical page.

We invite you to tour our facilities, evaluate our equipment, meet our people, investigate our processes, then visit our competitors and compare.

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